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Welcome to Soccer Pursuits, a soccer blog for parents, players, and lovers of the game.

l’m Marcus, a husband, father of two lovely girls, and the writer for this website. I have played and watched soccer from a very young age; it’s certainly one of my passions in life. The highest level l played was in college.

Why l created this website.

After the birth of my kids (who are now toddlers), l wanted to create a website where l could share my findings of the best soccer gear, equipment, training, and education for parents, players and lovers of the game.

My ultimate goal is to provide you with the best information everyone needs to know about soccer. That’s why l created Soccer Pursuits: I want to help you succeed in your soccer pursuits. 

So instead of searching hundreds of sites for what you need, I hope you will be able to find them here. And make your life easier. 

The plan.

Because my kids are toddlers right now, I will start writing about soccer for kids. However, with time I will expand into youth, college, and adult soccer.

Whether you are a soccer mom, soccer dad, completely new to the world of soccer, or have been involved in soccer for your entire life, I hope you will learn something from this website.

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