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Toddler Soccer Shin Guards

Soccer shin guards are required to play soccer in most places. It’s one of the essential things every soccer player must have.

By wearing a shin guard or shin pad, your toddler will protect his/her skin from bruises, cuts, and major kicks.

If you don’t know where to buy a shin guard for your toddler, definitely check out the shin guards l have listed below. 

Most of them will fit toddlers who are 3, 4, and 5 years old. You can also visit your local sporting goods shop too. 

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Best toddler soccer shin guards.

1. Vizari Malaga Shin Guard

Toddlers frequently kick the ball in a ‘pack’ since they are still learning out on the field. This shin guard is a great option to keep your toddler safe from any accidental kicks. The hard front protects the entire shin, and padding around the ankle adds an extra bit of safety.

With velcro in the front straps, this foam-backed, contoured shin guard was designed with comfort in mind. It comes in five fun and colorful two-tone options your toddler will love.

Sizes start at XXS.

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2. NIKE Mercurial Lite Soccer Shin Guards

This Nike toddler soccer shin guard is sleek and lightweight. The hard shell protects the vulnerable part of your toddlers shin from kicks, while the sleeves hold the guards in place. The grooved backing provides comfort and allows the skin to ‘breathe’ a little. You can tuck the guard into the sleeve for handy storage.

With no straps to adjust, they’re great for the independent toddler to manage; easy removal after a sweaty game is a huge plus as well. This contoured soccer shin guard for toddlers comes in one bold style.

Sizes start at XS.

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3. Champion Sports Youth Sock Style Soccer Shin Guards – Black (SL4B)

This soccer shin guard and sock in one provides protection at a great price. Nothing could be easier: easy for your toddler to put on him/herself as you head to practice and easy to wash after!

Designed for 4 to 6-year-olds, it comes in one size, S, and two colors: black and white.  Although ‘bunching in the foot’ was reported by some, others have had success using it with smaller feet; the length of the sock was fine.

This shin guard/sock combo may be best suited for a toddler wearing 12C shoes or above. In my research, this soccer shin guard for toddlers was the best one that came with socks.

Sizes start at 12C.

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4. Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guard

Your little soccer star will be shining on the field wearing these sleek shin guards. They’re contoured for left and right to increase comfort and to ensure proper fit; the sleeves keep the hard guards securely in place.

These soccer shin guards for toddlers are super easy to put on and take off; tucking the guards into the sleeves and tossing them into their handy bag makes storage a breeze as well.

They come in one style: hyper pink shin guards/black sleeves (with hyper pink logo). Pay close attention to sizing. Starting at size S, these shin guards may only work for older/bigger children.

Sizes start at XS.

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Look out for these before buying a soccer shin guard for your toddler

When it comes to buying a soccer shin guard for your toddler, you have to first know which type of soccer shin guard your child needs.

There are two basic types of shin guards: the slip in shin guard (without ankle sleeves) and the ankle shin guard (with ankle sleeves).

I will recommend you buy a shin guard with ankle sleeves. Simply because it will give your toddler more protection around his/her ankle; so less chance of being hurt.

You will also need to determine the right size for your toddler so it fits well, and provides maximum protection.

The weight of the shin guard you buy should be considered too. The lighter it weighs, the better comfort it provides.

Sizing for soccer shin guards

When it comes to sizing, the following general size recommendations seem to be accurate.

It’s based on the child’s height. And depending on the brand, XXS, XS, and S are the best options when choosing a size for your toddler.

Please use the general guideline below: 

Size Pee Wee – for kids up to 3’3″

Size XXS ( Extra Extra Small) – for kids up to 3’7″

Size XS (Extra Small) – for kids up to 3’11”

Size S (Small)  – for kids up to 4’7″

Size M (Medium)- for adult up to 5’3″

Size L (Large)- for adult up to 5’11”

Final Thoughts

Finally, after reading several reviews about a lot of soccer shin guards for toddlers, most of them are not very durable. So please do not count on them to last very long.

If you want to be well prepared for your toddler’s soccer games, buy two soccer shin guards for him/her.

I hope you found this list of soccer shin guards for toddlers helpful.

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