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soccer first aid kit listEvery parent should have a soccer first aid kit for their child!

A basic first aid kit will help you treat minor soccer injuries like sprains, bruised shins, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, etc. without needing to rush your kid to the emergency room (ER).

Considering it’s very likely your child might get minor injuries from playing a game or practicing, please go prepared.

Every parent needs to come to each soccer game with a first aid kit for their kid(s). Even if the team, school, or league your child is part of has the best emergency first aid kit.

So what should be in a first aid kit for soccer?

Basic soccer first aid kit list

The items in a first aid kit will vary based on the age of your child. In other words, a kit for a toddler or kids will not be the same for youth and adult players.

However, every first aid kit for soccer players should have the following first aid supplies at the bare minimum:

1. Instant cold ice pack or a cold compress.

2. Athletic tape 1 1/2 inches, non-stick sterile bandages 3 and 4 inch sizes, cohesive spatting tape, athletic tape pre-wrap, and bandaids.

3. Ankle brace and knee brace.

4. Sterile gauze pads, cotton swabs or balls, antiseptic wipes, wet wipes, kleenex.

5. Hydrogen peroxide.

6. Scissors, safety pins, tweezers.

7. Vinyl or disposable gloves.

8. Liquid soap, hand sanitizer.

9. Hand towel.

Other nice-to-have items to add to your soccer first aid kit are:

11. Epi-pen (for alergies) and inhalers if your child needs them on hand.

12. Zip lock bags.

13. Insect repellant or bug spray.

14. Oral thermometer.

15. A cell phone.

16. Ibuprofen.

17. Benadryl.

18. Q-Tip.

19. Small flashlight.

Needless to say, most of these items can be purchased on or your local pharmacy/ drugstore.

How to create a soccer first aid kit.

Now that you know the contents of a soccer first aid kit, here are two things you can do to create one.

The first is by purchasing a pre-made first aid kit and customizing the contents to your kids needs.

If you prefer a pre-made first aid kit, check out the Ultra-Light & Small 100-Piece First Aid Kit. It is filed with 29-unique first aid items, and is bargain for the price.

The second is to buy the items you need and put them all in a first aid kit (bag or case). A nice first aid kit bag to use is the First Aid Empty Kit Bag. It’s about 9″ x 6.25″ in size.

As far as the quantity of items, you can order as many as you want. Ideally, you want to have more than enough to use when you need to.

Personally, I prefer to order the kit bag and stock it with the contents my kids need. Simply because l can choose what items l need to be in the kit. That being said, a pre-made kit might be best for your situation.

Simple tips for stocking up the kit

Always check your first aid kit bag to makes sure you do not run out of items, or miss items that are about to expire.

And remember to organize the items so you can easily get them out when you need to use them. 

As you can see, having a basic first aid kit for your soccer star is not difficult. Get one and you will be prepared if your soccer star gets an injury.

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