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Soccer Books for teenagersAs a teenage soccer player, there is always room for improvement.

And one of the ways to do that is by reading soccer books.

In fact, every teenager who is keen on playing soccer competitively will benefit a lot from reading these soccer books.

The best 5 soccer books for teenagers.

1. Soccer IQ: Things That Smart Players Do Vol. 1, by Dan Blank.

If you think your teenager is prepared to get serious and maybe try and find himself or herself a scholarship in their career, this a perfect first out of two-part series for them.


2. Soccer iQ – Vol. 2: More of What Smart Players Do by Dan Blank.

For the follow-up to number one, this simple go-to book for any player or coach looking to brush up and improve their game.

It’s the perfect practical book for learning soccer tactics.


3. Breakaway: Beyond the Goal by Alex Morgan.

Another Alex Morgan original will leave your soccer diva wanting more and interested in improving her game.

Her memoir is easy to read and looks to inspire your teen.


4. Soccer Tough: Simple Football Psychology Techniques to Improve Your Game by Dan Abrahams.

Not only will your teen be covered tactically and inspirationally, this book will leave your kid aiming to give the best they have mentally.

It gives them tips and advice to get that edge they need mentally.


5. Everything Your Coach Never Told You Because You’re a Girl: and other truths about winning by Dan Blank.

To put it lightly, this book is not for the lightheartedly. It is a manual and a brandish of weapon and warrior for those female athletes that are looking to turn their sport seriously.

This book is very straightforward and to the point. Plus, it’s highly recommended for teenage girls.


Why should you get a soccer book for your teenager?

Reading soccer books for teenagers can really impact your teenager’s development.

For example, your teenager can improve their mindset about the game by simply reading and learning from the perspectives of other people other than their coach or trainer.

He/she can also improve their skill developments and general knowledge of the game.


Reading books, in general, is a life-long skill that has helped a lot of people change their lives. And what better way can you use to teach your teenager this skill?

You can help your teenager to also improve their reading skills by reading books about soccer with them. I hope this list was helpful to you.

What other soccer books for teenagers should we add to this list?

Please let us know in the comments section.