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toddler soccer cleats shoes size 7 8 9 10Have these questions crossed your mind lately: “Why are toddler soccer cleats or shoes so hard to find?

Where can l buy toddler soccer cleats?” Where can l find toddler soccer cleats?

These questions have been at the top of my mind too. Simply because my girls who are toddlers will start playing soccer soon.

Please note: Whenever l use cleats, shoes, or boots in this post, I am referring to soccer cleats.

As you can see, soccer cleats for toddlers are simply hard to find. However, the toddler soccer cleats l found below could be what you have been, or are looking for.

Whether you are looking specifically for soccer cleats for boys or girls, pink soccer cleats, or a particular size, the cleats below will help you find the best one for your toddler.

Click here if you need indoor soccer cleats for your toddler.

Best 5 toddler soccer cleats (shoes)

Assuming you already know your toddlers cleat size, below are the cleats l found online. You can also visit your local sports shop to see if they have them in stock.

Most of these cleats are relatively inexpensive, thus, very affordable. And simply the best soccer cleats for toddlers; just check the reviews.

1. Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleat


This toddler sized soccer shoes available in a variety of colors that both boys and girls will love. The two-colored dimpled uppers offer a visual appeal that will look good as your toddler dribbles the ball down the field.

The Vizari Infinity FG cleat:

» Features a rubber sole that provides durability all season long.

» Offers an anti-stretch lining that’ll keep your toddler’s cleat snugly on the foot.

» Is constructed with lightweight, water-resistant synthetic materials.

Sizes to choose from: 8M US Toddler and Up

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2. Vizari Blossom FG Soccer Shoe


The shiny graphics on these cleats are appealing for toddlers who want to look good on the pitch. As you can see, the flowers add a nice feminine flair to the cleats.

But looks aren’t everything, and you can rest assured that these cleats deliver on durability as well as fashion. These toddler soccer shoes:

» Are built from lightweight synthetic leather.

» Provide a durable rubber sole to help with traction.

» Offer a padded heel and lining for maximum comfort.

Sizes to choose from: 8M US Toddler and Up.

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3. Vizari Vigo FG Soccer Shoe

If you’re looking for a classic style, solid toddler soccer cleat on a budget, the Vizari Vigo FG is an excellent choice. The molded rubber outsole means these cleats will hold up to soccer playing wear and tear.  

Additionally, they have:

» Mesh lining to enhance the shoe’s breathability.

» A combination of stitches and rivets for durability.

» A synthetic build to keep them lightweight.

Based on our research, some parents mentioned these soccer cleats needed to be broken in before they were really comfortable.

To make sure your toddler has time to adjust, you may want to buy these a little before your soccer season begins.

Sizes to choose from: 8M US Toddler and Up

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4. Nike Kids Jr Tiempo Rio II FG-R Soccer Cleat

Will your toddler be playing soccer on a hard outdoor pitch? The rubber studs on these cleats are specifically designed to reduce the impact on your child’s foot when playing on firm ground. They are great for toddlers playing on an artificial pitch or a natural one that’s hard.

They also:

» Contain an EVA sockliner with padding that improves comfort.

» Offer arch support.

» Provide a stud pattern designed to increase stability and traction while playing.

Sizes to choose from: 10M US Toddler and Up

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5. Diadora Soccer Avanti MD JR Soccer Shoe


These Diadora soccer cleats for toddlers are synthetic and lightweight. Their build makes them ideal for toddlers who are just starting to wear soccer cleats. Don’t worry, being lightweight doesn’t mean they’ll wear out quickly.

The construction of these soccer shoes means they’re durable. You’ll notice:

» Enhanced linings.

» Special EVA foam insoles to protect your toddler’s foot from impact with the ball.

» Water-resistant finish that will keep your child’s foot dry.

With six different color combinations available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect cleat for your toddler. Unfortunately, not all of the colors are available in toddler sizes on Amazon.

Size: 8M US Toddler and up

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Searching for soccer cleats for toddlers is not easy!

And due to the convenience of shopping online, I have been looking for places to find the best soccer cleats for toddlers. 

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a wide variety. I realized most of the big/well-known soccer shoes (cleats) brands to not have size 9 and under cleats for toddlers. (for both boys & girls).

Honestly, I could not even find size 6 or 7 soccer cleats for toddlers. As a result, I will recommend you get an indoor soccer shoe for your toddler until he/she can wear a size 8 cleat.

The reason being: you will not have to worry about searching for a size 8 and up shoe when the time arrives. 🙂 

If you do find a size 6 or 7 soccer cleat for toddlers, please let me know so l can add it to this list.

How to size soccer cleats for toddlers.

As you know, a pair of soccer cleats is the most important soccer equipment every soccer player needs. 

Cleat size is very important. Therefore, knowing your toddler’s soccer shoe size is very critical when buying a soccer cleat for him/her.

Check out this  Amazon kids shoe size guide to determine the shoe size of your toddler before you purchase their cleats.

If your toddler needs wide soccer cleats, make sure the cleats you buy will fit him or her.

Which toddler cleat size is for girls? Or boys only?

There really isn’t any difference in size between cleats for girls and boys; especially when they are toddlers.

So do not worry about it. Your toddler should do just fine with any of the cleat sizes above. 

Just choose the right color. I know most girls love pink so that might be a nice color to choose if your toddler is a girl.

And keep this in mind:

When you are choosing the cleat size for your toddler, consider the thickness of the socks.

And the size of the soccer shin guards your toddler will be wearing in addition to the cleats. Both will help you get the right fit for your toddler.

Finally, having a very small space (about half of an inch) between the toes and end of the shoe is good.

I hope you have been able to find a soccer cleat for your toddler from the list above.

PS. If you do not find the correct soccer cleats for your little kid due to the size not being available, consider getting an indoor soccer shoe for your toddler.

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