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As you already know, this winter weather requires your kid’s team to start training or playing soccer games indoors. And they’re going to need the best indoor soccer shoe for kids/youth.

So if you are looking for an indoor soccer shoe for your child, don’t worry. We have found the best indoor soccer shoes that both you and your child will love.

Instead of stressing because of the many new choices, we’ve made the decision easy. Here are the top 5 best indoor soccer shoes for kids/youth.

Best 3 Indoor soccer shoes for kids/youth.

1. Adidas Performance Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe

This shoe is not only perfect for your child for their indoor matches, they can also be worn to school, or around since they are so fashionable.

The only downside of this, of course, would be the wear and tear that your child may force on them if they are worn on every occasion! They also come in four different colors to choose from!

For a good quality, a good look and a good price, you can’t really ask for more. The Messi Indoor Soccer Shoe is the best choice. The synthetic leather offers the perfect option for an easy clean for you and a perfect fit for your child.

Inspired by maybe one of their favorite players (Messi), this shoe gives your child the confidence to have the best touch on the ball on the field.


2. Adidas Performance Samba M K Indoor Soccer Shoe

For the child that likes to keep it original and traditional, the Samba Soccer Shoe is the perfect indoor soccer shoe for your soccer star. These shoes were extremely popular and also one of the few choices around when I was growing up and was a great fit for the job.

Since their design has been around for a while, they seem to have perfected the design. Their trial and error, true and traditional combination of tough yet comfortable is the real reason these shoes are still popular today. They are also extremely lightweight, and will last the whole (or more) seasons!

Pass on the tradition and let your child wear what maybe you also wore when you were a kid!


3. Nike Kids Jr Mercurial Victory V IC Soccer Cleat

For those looking for a little flair in their wear, a little splash of color to set them apart from the rest, or if they have daughters who want to stand out in an all boys league, the Mercurial Victory Indoor Soccer Cleat is for your child!

This indoor soccer shoe for kids come in a variety of colors, and also have a cool design on the back of the shoe where the heel is. The colors, of course, include but are not limited to… PINK!

They are light with great arch support and made with a rubber sole bottom, perfect for indoor soccer or futsal. It comes with a sock cushioning on the inside as well, so this guarantees comfort, especially for a child who is not used to soccer shoes yet.


Best indoor soccer shoe for a kids/youth with wide feet.

4. Adidas Performance Ace 16.4 IN J Soccer Shoe

The fit of this indoor soccer shoe is perfect for kids with wide feet because of the soft, lightweight comfortable lining that instills the inside.

The Adidas Performance Ace Shoe shapes to fit your youth’s foot for the wide feet comfort. The shape is also great and fit to function for an amazing adaptability of ball control.

Other brands are usually critiqued as being maybe too thin or narrow on the foot, so for a wide foot, it might be a bit more difficult.

But Adidas is known as a brand made for soccer players with not so tiny feet. This will make your child feel comfortable not only all game but all season!


Best inexpensive (cheap) indoor soccer shoe for kids/youth

5. Diadora Capitano ID JR Indoor Soccer Shoe

This Diadora Indoor Soccer Shoe gets the job done that your child needs for the right price. Your child might be just starting an extremely long, winding and expensive soccer career. Or if they just want to try soccer for a season, you don’t want to be throwing away a bunch of money for something that they might not even continue.

This shoe is the perfect fit! The quality will last all season, but the price won’t turn you off to organized sports for your child.

It is shock absorbing, which is great for those times where the field is basketball court style. This also means the sole is a bit thicker and offers more support than some of the other shoes on the market that might be of the mainstream brand.


How to choose the best indoor soccer cleats for kids/youth.

First, you have to realize that you are shopping for your kid. Not only will they need a new pair next season, they might even grow so fast that they need a new pair this year!

Second, you have to factor in all the different aspects of what you need to keep in mind or look out for when you are choosing.

» Keep in mind your budget. Stick to your budget. Don’t let your child stray you away from your budget. There is always a shoe to fit every budget that you and your child can agree on.

» Take into account the brand name. Though some people may think it’s a scam, there IS a reason why these brands are the most popular and why the professionals choose them.

The quality is simply the best. Going back to the first piece of advice, however, there are brand name products that fit your budget, it might just take a little more research.

» Listen to your child. If they’re telling you constantly the shoe doesn’t have good support, or if it pinches here or there, you should take into account how they feel.

They are the ones playing in the shoes, not you. If they feel they cannot tell you these things, as well, this can be dangerous to the health of their feet. They might play through pain, which is not good.

How to maintain your kid’s indoor soccer shoes so it lasts longer.

Although indoor soccer shoes normally don’t go through the wear and tear of environmental issues like outdoor cleats, such as rain or snow, they are a little bit easier to take care of. Nevertheless, you still have to take good care of them to get the most out of the shoe and so they will last longer.

If your child wears the shoes outdoors (to school or P.E., etc.) and they do get wet, use the newspaper trick that you use with soccer cleats.

Stuff the inside of the indoor shoes with dried old newspaper. Leave them overnight, or simply always store them stuffed with dried old newspaper. The paper will soak up the water.

Leaving soccer shoes outside can cause sun damage and discoloration. Do not put too much newspaper in the shoes, however, because it might spread the opening so the shoe will fit too loosely.

Depending on the type of material, cleaning the shoe can be different depending on what the shoe is made of.

Some indoor soccer shoes require the use of a regular glass cleaner, others can be simply wiped down with a cloth. It’s best to ask your nearest soccer shoe store how to best clean the type of shoe you have bought.

Final thoughts.

We know that it is difficult to make you and your child happy choosing an equipment (or anything), for a sport. However, you can use this time to bond with your child and let them know the importance of making choices that are smart for their needs and for the price.

We hope this list of indoor soccer shoes for kids makes the experience a bit easier on you and a bit less stressful for your budget.

This is the toughest part of any season in any sport in the beginning, but then you can load up the minivan, sit back, relax and watch your little soccer star shine on the field.

Which indoor soccer shoes for kids would you add to this list?

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