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soccer cleats for kids

Today, we have assembled a list of the best soccer cleats for kids/youth, and where you can buy them.

As you already know, the most important piece of equipment that your kid needs for this upcoming soccer season (from all the different types of equipment you need) definitely begins from the feet up. That’s right, soccer cleats.

Because of the popularity of soccer now, parents are expected to up their game when they choose soccer cleats for their kids.

The decision of which shoes to buy can actually make or break your child’s season. From too tight, uncomfortable, or blister-inducing cleats, to amazingly fit and great designed shoes. The power that a good pair of soccer cleats holds is monumentally vital to your child’s soccer experience.

That’s why we searched online and compiled a list of the best youth soccer cleats to make the experience a little easier and a little less painful for you and your kid. To bring you the perfect soccer cleats for your child, so you do not have to waste your precious time looking for them.

These shoes will definitely get a smile from your youth, a full soccer season in their laces, and more value for your money.

Best 6 soccer cleats for kids/youth – boys and girls.

1. Adidas Performance Conquisto Firm-Ground J Soccer Cleat

Along with a great price, the Adidas Performance Soccer shoes will be a hit with your kid.

Like stated in the name, they are used for firm-ground and are perfect for the little ones, who might be rough with them. Also great for when your child wears them walking to and from the fields on the sidewalks.

Not only is it quite comfortable for the young ones who might not yet have a grip on wearing soccer cleats, it is a good first pair of cleats for parents as well.

For younger players, cleats usually don’t fit anymore after a season. However, this soccer cleat will barely make a dent in your wallet. It will also last your child all season.


2. Nike Kids Jr Mercurial Victory V FG Soccer Cleat

The perfect fit for your girl or little guy who likes a fling of flair on their feet! Not only does the Nike Mercurials offer such a great price, it also comes available in NINETEEN different colors!

This is a great soccer cleat that presents itself like a professional, with the famous Nike swoosh extremely visible. It also allows your kid to perform like a professional, which she or he may soon become!

The Nike Mercurial is designed for ball control with a durable upper part made with a synthetic leather. They are also lightweight so even with rain they won’t be weighed down. Also won’t slip so easily because of the type of studs underneath.


3. Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleat

Even though the color of the cleats in this picture is pink, it’s a great pair of soccer cleats for any soccer loving kid. The variety of colors available for this cleat includes blue, white, green, orange and yellow, which will help you pick your kid out on the soccer field easily.

The Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleat is a great steal for parents who want to buy an affordable pair of cleats for the season but don’t want it to be plastic or cheap material.

In addition, this cleat will give your child’s feet a little wiggle room. It’s inexpensive, lightweight and durable for your child’s first soccer season.


4. Adidas Performance Ace Soccer Shoe

This soccer shoe is perfect if your child who wants everyone else to know that they mean business. The Adidas Performance Ace Soccer Shoe is a great look for the soccer player who wants to look great as well.

With a great price to match the other soccer cleats on the market, this shoe can let your soon-to-be Manchester United player look like one of his or her favorite soccer idols. Adidas is also known to be one of the best soccer gear brands worldwide for any soccer player.

Adidas is also known to be one of the best soccer gear brands worldwide for any soccer player.

This soccer shoe is specifically made for the playmakers meaning its flexible and easier to move with your child’s movements. It is also resistant enough for all types of surfaces, which means your kid(s) can play anytime, anywhere!


5. Adidas Performance F5 FXG J Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

This synthetic leather cleat is the best for your youth soccer player because it will last all season! It is made for synthetic or natural outdoor surfaces, which means that on whichever field your child may play this season, he or she will be ready!

The Adidas Performance is made for those foot skills and techniques that your child will be working on this season, especially with it’s lightweight and cushioned material.

As your soccer player grows and improves, they’ll be needing a shoe to fit their needs. This shoe is perfect for foot skill practice because on the outside there is a rubber gripping material made to handle the ball more carefully.


6. Adidas Performance X 15.3 FGAG J Soccer Shoe

This inexpensive, but high-quality soccer shoe comes in seven different colors! The Adidas Performance X Soccer Shoe is built for traction on the outsole for those short, explosive movements on artificial grass or firm surfaces. This cleat is for youth players who like quick cuts and the ability to gain acceleration at a quicker speed

The synthetic material also makes it easier to clean. The bright color is also a big hit with the kids among their friends and on the field. It’s also great for when you have to spot your own kid on the field. They come in yellow, black, gold, white, pink, gray and orange.


The best soccer cleat for kids/youth with wide feet.

1. Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe

Made specifically for the kids with wide feet, the Vizari Striker Shoe “runs big” on size. This gives your kid more wiggle room in their toes and more space for their feet. The most uncomfortable thing with soccer cleats is when they are too small or when they give blisters.

Out of all the soccer cleats you can buy for your wide-footed child, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT buy Nike Mercurials. I have played soccer for over 20 years and as a fellow wide-foot player, Mercurials were always the most tight-fitting.” – Adriana, professional soccer player.

Look for leather material and even order one size or half a size bigger than normal. This cleat is made with synthetic leather but is perfect if you are looking for that type of material and don’t want to drop a down payment for your child’s soccer equipment.


2. Vizari Palomar FG Soccer Cleat

This cleat is another great option for youth players with wide feet. It is also available for most ages, from toddler all the way up to “big kid”.

They are known to run a bit “large”, so a little wiggle room for the toes will be easy to come by. If the Vizari Palomar fits your kid’s feet while they are still in the youth ages, then you can continue to purchase this cleat into their teenage years.

Combined with the inexpensive price and the two available different designs, this cleat gives your kid the opportunity to shine during the season, without squishing their toes!

The durable material they are made from makes it easy to wipe off for cleaning, and as a parent, that’s all we can ask for really.


The best inexpensive (cheap) soccer cleat for kids/youth.

1. Adidas Performance Predito FXG J Soccer Cleat 

This cleat is a great option for those in search of an inexpensive but durable cleat for their kid. With a synthetic leather and great design, the Adidas Predito is a fantastic option for parents who are looking for a bargain but don’t want to buy the store brand.

Available in two variations of colors, it is made from a material that is suitable for all kinds of surfaces and weather. We can’t really push these soccer cleats anymore, they sell themselves.

Not only is it made by Adidas, which means that the quality is going to be there in a shoe for your child, but it is inexpensive!

Unlike most “cheap” soccer shoes that actually look cheap, the Adidas Predito Cleats look like the real deal for your budding soccer star.

Not only do they survive all that your kid will put them through, they are also a great classic look. We know there are a lot of Adidas on this list, but they seem to pull through with their quality for the kids.


How to choose the best soccer cleat for kids/youth.

There are so many different variations of products for kids soccer cleats. First and foremost, be sure to know the size of your child’s shoe and foot.

We would recommend bringing him or her into a children’s shoe store to get measured properly. The best is if it is a store that sells sports shoes as well. Simply because they feel different and sometimes fit differently on the feet.

Synthetic material is also proven to be best for kids who play soccer as well. It is less heavy than real leather and less expensive.

Great tips that will help you buy the best soccer cleats for youth

» Research which material will be best for your child’s conditions, location, and position.

Aim for a synthetic material. It is cheaper than leather, lighter for your child, and easier to clean. Though kangaroo leather stretches, it can be extremely heavy and expensive.

» Consider what type of surface or playing field your child will be playing on.

It might be turf or natural grass, or possibly indoor.

Whether its turf, indoor or natural grass, this plays a huge role on which kind of cleats your child will need or which type is best.

Also, this day and age, it’s not just indoor or outdoor. There are so many types of ground that could be played on. For instance, there is firm ground, soft ground, artificial grass, turf, or indoor.

If your child is playing indoor, the soccer cleats mentioned in this article will not be for you; they are meant for playing soccer outdoors.

» Make sure the shoe fits your child!

Do not pretend your child will “grow into it” in a week. They might like the space for wiggle room, and yes, they might grow into the shoe by the end of the season.

But for the meantime, the shoe needs to fit or it will be painful for your child to wear!

» Choose a budget and stick to it. 

Even if a pair of cleats is within your budget and your conditions is not available on this list, there is something out there for your kid that meets your needs as well! Keep trying.

There are so many options out there, especially for kids/youth, that you will find the perfect fit for your kid and also for your wallet. Don’t compromise just so you can follow the trends.

Though your child may like a design of a $150 pair of cleats, it is most likely that you can find the same design in a much cheaper (maybe lesser quality, but still good) brand.

What you need to know before buying soccer cleats for your child.

Here are a few things to keep in mind that might help you make your buying decision a little easier.

» Buying a new pair of youth soccer cleats that can last the whole season and that also makes your kid happy can be difficult. 

While your child is still young, there is hardly a difference between genders. Girl’s feet do tend to grow more slender, but that is not for a while.

But since your child’s foot has not yet started to change, if your daughter wants you to buy a pair of “boy’s gray Nike T90’s”, as long as they are the right size, she can wear them.

» Be aware of the different foot shapes. Certain types of cleats fit for different types of feet. For instance, wide footed players have trouble wearing Nike Mercurials.

Though that might not apply to your child, there are so many different options, and therefore so many opportunities for mistakes. To avoid this, make sure to try on the cleats, maybe in your local shoe store, before you buy them.

» Another tip before you buy soccer cleats for your youth is to be sure to have the other equipment like socks, shin guards or straps, etc. on hand to try on with them.

New cleats with just a regular pair of soccer socks is a whole different world than with thick soccer socks, shin guards, maybe ankle guards, and whatever else your child may need. Sometimes it is safer to get a half a size or one size bigger.

The chance that the first pair of cleats that you buy won’t actually be a good fit for your child is actually quite high.

Unfortunately, what can fit great in the store, might not feel right on grass or turf. Or what feels great the first week can turn into a nightmare by the end of the season.

Types of soccer cleats (shoes) for kids/youth.

There are so many different varieties of soccer shoes out there, from brand names to size to types to colors to designs.

Kangaroo leather, though might be higher in price, is really the best to mold to your child’s feet. This type of quality is dying out and can be found in mainly old types of cleats or the traditional brands. Same goes with natural leather.

Synthetic leather is basically almost real leather but with a few more added features like waterproof ability, etc. This is not the same as natural leather but is getting pretty close. Most companies use this material nowadays.

Synthetic is nothing like leather at all. There is no give to the cleats in terms of spreading or forming to the foot. But some players prefer this.

Mesh, one of the newest trends, uses the same kinds of material that are found in running shoes. This can be beneficial in terms of flexibility and weight but can offer problems when the playing field is wet or it is raining.

How to maintain your kid’s soccer shoes so it lasts longer.

Depending on the type of material that the soccer cleat is made off, there are different ways to care for your child’s cleats so they last longer. Those made of synthetic material absorb water less than leather and are easier to wipe away dirt and grass.

The easiest trick is to use newspaper. When cleats are heavy and wet from the rain, take a few pages of dried newspaper and stuff them into your child’s shoes to absorb the water from the inside.

Though it is effective to leave the cleats out in the sun, it is not recommended because it’s known to damage the binding of the cleat.

Make sure your kid breaks their shoes in before their first game!

Go for a few light sessions before even team practice starts. This is a huge step that most beginners skip and actually is quite important for the life of your shoes.

It gives them the opportunity for the shoes to “break into” the mold of your kid’s feet so they will be less likely to split at first aggressive movements. This is also important for your kid’s feet! Do this to avoid blisters forming on first usages.

Also, a great teaching opportunity for your kid is showing and teaching them to take care for their cleats. Then you won’t have to do it as well!

The soccer cleats will last longer and it is a great lesson to show them to value the tools they need to do something they love. This will transfer great to future (more expensive cleats) and in their everyday life.

Final thoughts

With all the different types of cleats out there, and even more off-brand, cheaper options for children, it is difficult to choose the right type of cleat for your child.

Depending on the age and type of feet your child has, and also his or her own place of comfort, make sure the size of the shoe you are going to choose would fit him or her best during play.

A pair of cleats for your soccer player is one of the most important equipment they’ll own. Some may even argue that it can make or break an experience for a player, especially if it is their first season!

Before your child’s next upcoming season and before sports stores begin to hike up their prices for their sports shoes, make sure to follow these guidelines and recommendations to help you get the best quality for the best price.

We hope this list of soccer cleats for kids and youth helps you find the best options to get your little one laced up for the season. Make a great decision for your youth soccer star today.

Which of the above soccer cleats will you buy for your child? Do you have any cleats to add?

FYI: Soccer cleats or shoes are also called soccer boots in different parts of the world.

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